Chief Scientist

  • Customer Care and Guidance for medical device testing
  • Laboratory Procedure/Experiment Development
  • Validation Expert
  • EO sterilization Consultant
  • Manager of External and Internal Validations
  • Approval of Validation Reports and Protocols
  • Approval of Laboratory Reports
  • Writing Laboratory Procedures
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Chemistry, Biology or other related Natural Science discipline
  • 10 years’ experience in Medical Device or Pharmaceutical industry
  • EO validation experience or autoclave validation experience
  • Microbiological experience of medical devices; Bioburden, sterility, etc.
  • Customer Service and Guidance: Experiment, Design and Execution
  • Experience in EtO Validations – writing protocols and reports.
  • Medical device or Pharmaceutical validation – writing protocols and reports
  • Technical Skills: Able to design experiments, solve problems and use deductive reasoning in a scientific setting, technical writing and reporting
  • Math: Can perform field related math functions such as: ratio calculations, scientific notation, general understanding and usage of logarithms
  • Computer: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (Word/Excel, Outlook, Office 365), LIMS experience
  • Physical: Able to lift/carry 40 lbs., good finger dexterity, normal or corrected vision, hearing to a normal range, prolonged sitting and/or standing during working hours, walking and bending,
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Good Work Ethic and Integrity
  • Maintaining the highest standard in process and procedure adherence in an ISO 13485:2016 certified and OSHA compliant workplace
  • Promoting on-time delivery of high-quality results which results in a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Validation Testing: Design, Protocol Writing, Execution, and Reporting
  • Provide expert guidance to customers
  • Occasional handling of hazardous materials
  • Customer Care and Guidance for medical devices testing
  • Laboratory Procedure/Experiment Development
  • Validation expert
  • EO sterilization consultant
  • Manager of external and internal validations
  • Approval of validation reports and protocols
  • Approval of Laboratory Reports
  • Writing Laboratory procedures
  • Other duties and functions as assigned
  • Positive Work Attitude
  • Adaptable
  • Takes Ownership
  • Wants to see C.G. Laboratories Customers and Employees succeed
  • Adherence to all safety, regulatory, and quality requirements
  • Must be organized, detail oriented, flexible, and have a genuine willingness to learn
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacation Time
  • Paid Holidays
  • Main Laboratory hours are M-F 8am to 5pm


Decontamination/Shipping Technician

Two Available Positions

Decontamination Manager
  • This position is responsible for the CGL decontamination/shipping and process control system for Decontamination Department
  • It is the responsibility of the position to meet customer requirements in receiving, decontamination and shipping of their product.
  • Insures proper handling and traceability.
  • Hood/DP
  • Decontamination
  • Safety
  • Shipping Decon
  • Quality
  • TAT/Speed
  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with Customers, Clients, Co-Workers and Management.
  • Can-Do Attitude – Positive
    • Encourages Others
    • Willingness to Learn
    • Take the high road
    • Respond with “yes”, we can do it
    • Dedicated
  • Adaptability – Willingness to Change – Steps Up to Fill Gaps
    • Willingness to Change
    • Up for anything
    • Overcome Setbacks
    • Resilient
  • Wants to see CGL Employees & Customers Succeed – Goes the Extra Mile
    • Treats others with respect
    • Is for the greater good, not self interest
    • Forming real relationships between each other and our Customers
    • Out perform
    • Over achieve
    • Do what is necessary to get the job done
    • Hard working
  • Integrity – Does the right thing even when no one is looking – We Stand Behind What we Say
    • Building relationships – trust
    • Open communication
    • Dependable/Reliable
    • Act with honor
  • Takes Ownership – Finds a Way – No Excuses
    • Finds a way – No excuses
    • Open and Honest
    • Sense of responsibility
    • Dependable
  • cGMP Training
  • CGL Orientation Training

Employee is required to walk, sit, stand for long periods, bend regularly, and push/ pull occasionally and lift / carry up to 50 pounds.

Must be able to wear glasses instead of contact lenses. Contact lenses are not allowed during handling of Cidex or Metricide solutions.

Must be able to read graphs, computer screens & reports

Ability to identify warning sounds of moving equipment and changes in machine sound to determine potential problems

  • Office environment, sitting & typing conditions.
  • Laboratory conditions handling caustic and flammable chemicals. Handling bio-hazardous materials
Careers Currently Available
Chief Scientist
Decontamination/Shipping Technician