Ethylene Oxide (EtO) Decontamination is considered an effective and safe method of preventing the transmission of infections caused by harmful microorganisms in a wide range of medical products and devices.  C.G. Laboratories provides EtO Decontamination for all your medical device needs.  Our services are current, regulated and quality driven.  We are registered with the ISO accredited to 13485:2016 and MDSAP.

How does EtO Decontamination work?

By disrupting the DNA of viruses, bacteria and fungi (including resistant spores) through alkylation (the same process used in chemotherapy to damage the DNA of cancer cells), EtO gas prevents microorganisms from reproducing.

Ethylene Oxide Decontamination has three basic stages:  Preconditioning, Decontamination and Aeration.

  • Preconditioning brings the temperature, pressure and humidity in the EtO chamber environment to the ideal conditions for the specific items that are to undergo decontamination.
  • Next, the actual Decontamination takes place when ethylene oxide gas enters the chamber and the required concentration is reached.
  • Aeration is the final and longest stage of the process. Since many materials absorb ethylene oxide, a long aeration stage is needed to remove any remaining gas in the chamber and to allow gas to evaporate from the decontaminated items.

When and why should Ethylene Oxide (EtO) be used for Decontamination?

  • EtO uses lower temperatures than many other methods and is ideal for moisture or heat-sensitive equipment
  • In many instances, EtO may be the only affordable method that doesn’t damage the device during the decontamination process.
  • As a true gas, EtO has a high-level of penetrability including medical devices that have several layers of packaging or difficult to reach surfaces. Packaging must be breathable, so the gas can penetrate it.
  • EtO is used to decontaminate devices such as endoscopes, stents, surgical kits, equipment with integrated electronic components, wound dressings and even paperwork. It is non-corrosive to metal, plastic and rubber