Our ISO 13485:2016 Certified Laboratory Department is a well-equipped facility with a staff that holds a combined 90+ years of experience servicing the medical device industry. C.G. Laboratories, Inc. is committed to sound scientific principles. We focus on providing quality results, reliable turnaround times, responsive customer service while guiding the customer to understand their testing needs. Through ongoing competency training, as well as in-depth internal audits, we maintain the ability to deliver accurate results and quality customer service. We are prepared to meet all of your requirements – whether great or small and can serve as your full-time external laboratory or as a one-time service laboratory. WE offer customized method development, along with assistance in designing special projects relating to non-routine analysis.

We understand our customers need prompt, accurate, affordable, and confidential testing. We also know that you prefer to work with scientists and technicians that are pleasant, courteous and dedicated to your needs. C.G. Laboratories, Inc. strives to accomplish these goals.

Our Laboratory Services Guide will give you a clear description of the testing that we currently provide. However, if you do not see the testing you require, give us a call. Our microbiologist will work with you to create the testing that is right for your medical devices.

C.G. Laboratories, Inc. should be your first choice for device testing, microbiological analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, regulatory testing, environmental monitoring and water testing.

Our Standards

Current United States Pharmacopeia is the official pharmacopeia of the United States, published dually with the National Formulary as the USP-NF. Prescription and over–the–counter medicines and other health care products sold in the United States are required to follow the standards in the USP-NF. USP also sets standards for food ingredients and dietary supplements.
American Standard Test Methods, develops and publishes standards detailing international standards and technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, develops and publishes standards detailing the proper production quality for medical instruments and the procedures in which they are used.
ISO 13485:2016 certification and standards for Medical Device Testing that is an Internationally recognized standard of Quality.
Publishes standardized, chemical and microbial analysis methods designed to increase confidence in results of chemical and microbiologic analyses. Government agencies and civil organizations often require that laboratories use official AOAC methods.
Stability and Aging Temperature and Humidity Standards.
Code of Federal Regulations that deal with Human Tissue and Bone Regulations
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Granbury, TX 76048
P: (817) 279-1945, Ext. 5

Our Testing Services Include:
  • Aging Study/Stability Study Services
  • Aqueous Biocide
  • Bioburden Testing Services
  • Biological Indicator Services
  • Nutritional/Dietary Testing Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Identification Services
  • Packaging Integrity Services
  • Product Sterility Services
  • Product Testing Services
  • Validation Services
  • Water Testing Services
  • Miscellaneous Testing
  • Endotoxin Testing
  • Dialysis Water Testing

Please see our Laboratory Services Guide for complete description of available tests.