Medical device decontamination becomes necessary when medical devices become soiled and contaminated with microorganisms after being used. Examples of reusable medical devices include surgical forceps, endoscopes and stethoscopes. The avoid infection, these devices must undergo a detailed, multi-step process to clean and then disinfect or sterilize them. CG Labs ensures the reprocessing of reusable medical devices in order to protect patient safety.

Since 1998, C.G. Laboratories, Inc. has been a leader in the decontamination of medical devices. We offer medical device decontamination (including cadaver trays) or other products that have been contaminated and potentially exposed to pathogens. In our decontamination lab, used medical devices (including paperwork) are decontaminated so that everything returned to our customers is safe. The medical device can be rendered safe by the use of:

  • Ethylene Oxide Decontamination
  • Steam Decontamination
  • Gamma Radiation Decontamination
  • Liquids Decontamination
  • Custom Decontamination

In addition, we maintain a validated Tracking Software System that monitors each shipment from the moment it arrives until it leaves our facility.

Send all your contaminated medical devices to C. G. Laboratories, Inc. We have all the equipment necessary for decontaminating your medical devices for instance autoclaves, ethylene oxide sterilizers, and biohazard safety cabinets. All of your contaminated devices can be shipped directly from the hospital or sales representative to C. G. Laboratories, Inc. After that, they are returned to your facility decontaminated. Therefore, products never arrive at your manufacturing facility contaminated. Finally, C. G. Laboratories, Inc. caters to our customer. Most importantly, we provide fast turnaround times and custom requirements for decontamination.

We look forward to visiting with you regarding your Medical Device needs.

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Medical Device Decontamination
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